Moving Closer to God


The Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg give us a picture of God as a Being of love with His arms outstretched inviting us into His embrace. Do we respond to this invitation or not? We are kept in freedom and in that freedom we are caught somewhere between two extremes. On the one hand is the misery of a totally evil life and on the other is the opportunity to come into complete peace and trust in God. Most people choose a middle ground, rejecting evil with disgust but hesitating to take steps to approach the Lord and be embraced by His love and care. We stick to our comfort zones, immersed in our day to day cares and concerns, unwilling to remove what stands in the way of receiving God’s blessing.

To move closer to God it is necessary to open our eyes to His truth and put it into practice, to open our ears to the voice of conscience and act on it, to open our hearts to be touched by goodness and reach out in love, to put our trust in Him and to acknowledge His hand in the good that we see and do.

Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones coming alive (Ezekiel 37) describes how new life can come to us. Spiritually speaking it is how our dry bones or dull life can be renewed by the Lord. He brings our old ideas or thoughts into harmony with spiritual reality, adding sinews and flesh (new truth and goodness) and breathes new life into us. We can hang down our hands and wait for this to happen or we can take steps to become a better person by moving closer to God. This is why we were born – to come alive both naturally and spiritually. So let’s make every day count and try to become the spiritually alive person we were created to be by moving closer to God.



One comment

  1. Gabriele · May 30, 2017

    Totally believe this – it is not always easy to get points such as this throughout but you have done a great job to your audience


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