Opening up to God


Most of the time we are living in our senses and are unaware of the workings of our soul. But the Divine presence within our soul is knocking at the door to our hearts and minds. (“Listen! I stand at the door and knock …” Rev. 3:20). We can open up to God through prayer and meditation, by forming a love for goodness and truth and by responding to the impulses from God to put these into action in our lives. We do that by being kind, compassionate, honest and fair and consciously rejecting the negative tendencies that we may be tempted to act on. Little by little the door of our mind and heart is opened to the heavenly realm and the presence of God and a gradual transformation occurs. It is in seeking enlightenment for the sake of a useful life, and living our life from love that we come into harmony with God.

When we open our hearts and minds to God and let Him come in, we find that we can understand His Word (the Bible or other Sacred Scripture) and hear Him speaking to us there about His will for our life. The Divinely inspired Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg explain that there is a deeper meaning within the Scriptures of all the great religions which relates to our inner lives or spiritual nature. They are all about God’s love for us and His desire to bring us closer to Him by rooting out what is harmful, healing our wounds and inflowing with His love. When we see this inner meaning within God’s Word, this coming forth to view of deeper truth is like the first light of dawn in our minds. When love comes into the picture as we begin to live by these insights, it is like the warming sun on a spring day, bringing new life into the world. If each of us could open up to God in this way, allowing the power of His truth and love to work in our lives and spread out to others, we will be blessed and will eventually find our way to our heavenly home.