City of Light

Golden City

The Bible begins in a garden but it ends in a city. Revelation 21 describes it as a holy city, coming down from God out of heaven, beautiful as a bride. The walls shine like clear glass, there are gates all around that are always open, the streets are gold, and the Tree of Life is in the centre on either side of the river of the water of life. There is no night in the city for the glory of God is the light. All the imagery in this depiction of the city add up to one thing – a picture of a beautiful future for the whole human race. It’s a picture of peace and happiness coming to earth, which will become nearer and nearer to reality as we learn to live in harmony with one another, coming together from all directions to do good in the world.

Every time we pray in the Lords’ Prayer “Thy Kingdom come,” we are praying for peace on the earth. But “the kingdom of heaven is within you,” in the world of our thoughts, feelings and intentions. We must first make ourselves an inhabitant of God’s spiritual kingdom before it can be manifested around us. Can we honestly and courageously look for ways to bring the vision of the city into reality? It is not a vision just for Christians but for all people of all races and creeds because the gates are open in all directions inviting all to enter. Only those who are searching for the truth and long to live the life that leads to heaven will find the gates. These are the people of God’s universal sheepfold, who come with God’s love in their hearts and a desire to do what is right and good.

This week, the world celebrated global oneness day, a day for all people of all faiths to unite in their love for humanity. A love for humanity is a love for God because He is the Divine Human Being and all those who unite in love for humanity are part of God’s body on the earth and in heaven. Let every day be a global oneness day so that peace may reign in our hearts and eventually throughout the world. This is the vision of the golden city coming down to earth and we are all invited to be a part of the wonderful community of love pictured by that city.

Jenny Keal


The Rainbow



All of creation is a theatre representative of spiritual realities.” – Swedenborg.

According to Swedenborg, the most ancient people saw God’s messages to them in signs in the world of nature. To them, everything in nature corresponded to something spiritual. This ancient science of correspondences was how God spoke to those people before writing was invented. It was passed down by word of mouth and became the stuff of myth and legend. But it still applies to this day and can be applied to every story in the Word of God. One such story is the one about Noah and the rainbow and God’s promise to never flood the earth again on such a scale. The story goes that Noah and his family had just survived that massive flood and had been saved from destruction by taking refuge in the ark. The personal message for us is that, like Noah, we go through times when we are almost overwhelmed by floods of negative emotion and false reasoning. When we are going through those dark times in our lives, it is like the clouds overshadowing us and blocking out the sun. But that is when we see the rainbow because the sun never goes away. It reflects off the droplets of water in the clouds and a rainbow appears. We only see the rainbow when the sun is behind us and this is significant because, when we are going through bad times, we can’t see the Lord (represented by the sun) working in our lives. It feels like He has abandoned us. But then He puts a rainbow in the sky and that is His sign that He is still there, even in the bad times, working behind the scenes to bring good out of every situation.  When we see the rainbow and realise what it means, we will never again be overwhelmed by the floods of negative emotion that arise from being blamed for others’ wrongdoing or hated for doing what is right.

So, whatever befalls us, no matter how bad, we can be sure that God is watching over us with love and tender care. Next time you see a rainbow in the sky, remember that it is a sign of God’s promise to take care of you. It is God telling you that He loves you.

Jenny Keal