Following the Star

Star of Bethlehem

The three wise men from the east followed a star until it took them to the young child, Jesus, who had been born in a lowly stable because there was no room at the inn.

We can also follow a star to find the Divine presence because a star represents the truth coming to us from heaven. The Writings of Swedenborg explain that the star the wise men followed was in fact a community of angels, whose message was clear to the men. They knew that the star signified that a saviour had been born and they were keen to find him. What we now know is that the wise men who came from the east represent characteristics within ourselves. We each have wise qualities which can know through our intuition (the inner promptings of the Spirit) the truth about the deeper meaning of the Word or Sacred Scripture. When we see a truth in the Word it is like a star lighting up in our minds and guiding us closer to heaven.

So when you see a star atop a Christmas tree, think of God’s ever present love and light shining through the angels who are with us into our minds and giving us the message that we can find him in every moment of our lives when we make room for him in our hearts.

Our hearts are like a humble stable when we allow innocence to be born there because a stable is where the gentle animals come to feed. These harmless animals picture our affections for what is good and true. They are like our love for being useful to others and being gentle in our dealings with others.

May you find peace and joy this Christmas in the promise of new life being born into human hearts as we make room for the gentleness of innocence in our busy schedules.

Jenny Keal


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