Praying for Peace

When we see violence and unrest in the world, there is something we can all do about it and that is to pray for peace. Praying for peace brings us all together and unites us into one body of people. Our prayers are all heard by God and the more people who are praying them, the greater the collective power of those prayers. Do not think that you are ineffectual because you are only one person. If we each prayed every night as we are going to sleep that God will bring peace to the earth, this will happen.

God’s promise is for a new way of being to come into the world and this is pictured by Johns’ vision of the golden city coming down from God out of heaven. It is a picture of peace because, although there are many gates to the city, or many directions people can come from, no gate is more grand than any other. This pictures a coming together of all people, regardless of religious belief, to do good in the world. The city being made of gold, is a reminder that love is all that matters and it will be love that brings peace to this world so long as we can appreciate our diversity and accept our differences as part of God’s plan. No two people have ever been the same and ever will be. It is obvious that variety is God’s perfection. We should not expect others to conform to our way of thinking but realise that there are many facets to God’s truth and we each have our own view. Can we let go of an insistence on our way being the only right way? I believe that is the only way that peace will come to earth. So let’s join together and pray for peace, knowing that it will indeed come about.

Jenny K.